THU GIANG guesthouse

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Scrams And Advices

- Spending VND on the street, at the restaurants is highly recommended as most of the places will give you very low exchange rate when you pay in USD.

- Negociating is a must for local people and foreigners. Most of the prices given are normally doubled, especially on the streets, at souvenir shops.

- There are street venders (women with baskets) selling around the Hoan Kiem Lake who have willing to give their baskets to you to try on and take photos and in return they will force you to buy their fruits or other stuff with much higher prices (normally 10 times more expensive)... so you should avoid them.

- If you are heading to the train station, bus station or anywhere by taxi, you should use popular taxi from Mai Linh taxi company (tel: 04.38222666/ 04.38616161) or CP taxi company (tel: 04.38262626) and don't forget to write down the No. of that taxi, this is convenience for any of your claims later.

- Remember to bring less money or other properties when you go out, especially at night, at the night market as there are real fast pick-pockets.

- There are so many fake Sinh Cafes,... around the old quarter who offer you some interesting tours with deluxe prices. Most of the tourists come back from those tours complain that they could not receive what it is said in the tour programs or promised by those fake travel companies. So you may want to check it out with some tour companies recommended by your guide books or check it out with Thu Giang guesthouse which is recommended by the Lonely Planet guide book and other guide books. We have worked with many tour companies so far and we know which one is good and which one is realable by listening to our tourist's feedbacks after coming back from the tours. Since we have corporated prices with almost tour companies, we commit to offer you with better prices for the proposed tour itineraries.